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SNAP 2 is a Kintex Ultrascale based platform, featuring a Xilinx XCKU115-FLVF1924 FPGA with 5520 DSP slices and 2160 36kb block RAMs.

Design Features

  • Ultrascale XCKU115-FLVF1924 FPGA.
  • Zynq AP SoC XC7Z010
  • 4 QDR memories
  • 1 DDR3 component memory
  • 4 Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) connectors, supporting 4x40GbE or 16x10GbE interfaces.
  • 2 Ethernet PHYs supporting 1000BaseT
  • USB interface
  • ZD+ connector (this is not ZDOK!)
  • 2 high pin count(HPC) FMC connectors

SNAP 2 is being designed by collaborators at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

A more comprehensive overview of SNAP 2, including a block diagram can be found in File:SNAP2 Doc.pdf (direct link)

Update May 2016: The first prototypes of the SNAP2 board have been assembled! Pending testing by the Institute of Automation, one of these will be sent to Berkeley for integration into the CASPER toolflow. Photos below... SNAP2 board

SNAP2 board with QSFP+extender card

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