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Network Interface Cards

Network Card OS Driver and firmware Status Comments Tested by
Myricom 10G-PCIE-8A-C+E Ubuntu 8.04 64bit and Windows 2003 Server unknown Working Does not support UDP offloading of any kind. Jason Manley
Chelsio N310E-CX Ubuntu 8.04 64bit unknown Working Packaged kernel drivers do not work with later firmware releases. Must recompile drivers yourself. Later firmware versions have better performance. Includes UDP checksum offloading??? Jason Manley


Switch Type Network card Working Firmware revision Comments Tested by
Fujitsu XG600 12x 10GbE Myricom 10G-PCIE-8A-C+E, Chelsio N310E-CX yes unknown Engineering sample. Full crossbar, any-any. Limited buffer space. Jason Manley
Fujitsu XG700 12x 10GbE Myricom 10G-PCIE-8A-C+E, Chelsio N310E-CX yes unknown Tested up to 9.6Gbp, full crossbar any-any. No packet loss detected. Supports jumbo frames up to 18KiB. In use by PAPER. Jason Manley
Fujitsu XG2000 16x 10GbE + 4x XFP Myricom 10G-PCIE-8A-C+E, Chelsio N310E-CX yes unknown As XG700 with increased buffer and more ports. In use by PAPER and Medicina correlators and KAT for bench-testing. Jason Manley
HP 2900-24G 2x 10GbE + 24x 1GbE Myricom 10G-PCIE-8A-C+E yes unknown Not stress tested. Link up and data transfer possible. In use at Caltech. Full data rate between 10 GbE ports tested. Can saturate 1 GbE port with no detected packet loss. David George, Glenn Jones
Mellanox SX1012 12x 40GbE (48x 10GbE with QSFP->4xSFP+ breakout cables) Tested ROACH2 (sfp) -> ROACH2 (sfp) yes (see comments) ASIC firmware 9.2.7322 The SX1012 is a half-width 1U switch, retailing in the US at ~$6000. Testing was with a single ROACH2, corner-turning packets over 8x 10GbE connections. Initially the ROACH was losing many frames on RX, but this appears to be fixed with a switch firmware upgrade to 9.2.7322, at least when using Mellanox cables (tested with MC2609130-003 3m copper QSFP -> SFP cables). Some RX errors remained when using unbranded cables. No packet loss or bit errors detected in use at near line-rate for a couple of hours. Jack Hickish, July 2014
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