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Following the 2010 CASPER workshop, and particularly the Next Generation Hardware Working Group session, a need was identified for keeping track of Next Generation Samplers. This would include all work on samplers exceeding current CASPER boards, i.e. > 3GSPS, 8 bit; with the understanding that bit resolution would come down as the bandwidth and sample rate goes up.

Current Research and Development Efforts

  • 5GSPS, 8 bit - ASIAA
  • up to 20GSPS - IRAM

State of technology

  • There are a number of institutions wanting analog bandwidths of 9 GHz up to 18 GHz
  • Interfacing via standard ZDOK is a problem at these bandwidths
  • Currently available sampler technology does not quite meet 9 GHz
  • Interesting developments are underway at a number of companies

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