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We are currently using the Valon 5003 in the SETI Spectrometer.

According to Valon:

The new Valon 5007 is in the same form factor as the previous 5003 and 5005 models but offers a much wider programmable frequency range of 137.5-4400MHz. Like the previous version, this is a dual output synthesizer but unlike the previous model, there is no restriction frequency range…they both cover the entire 137.5-4400MHz range.

The ability to select an external reference is now completely under user control using the Configuration Manager software. You can select an external reference input or the internal reference without any board modifications. The external reference frequency is also selectable, you can use either 10MHz like the internal reference or select an external 10MHz, 5MHz, 20MHz, 50MHz, or 100MHz source.

The phase noise is also better on the 5007 by about 8 to 10dB or more depending on output frequency.

Valon now recommends the 5007 dual synthesizer instead of the 5003.

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