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ROACH Enclosures

There are a number of options for enclosures that can be used to house a ROACH/iADC combination. Any ATX enclosure can be modified, provided it has enough space for the iADC's in front of the board. This normally entails removing the mounting hardware for the drive bays and any mounting posts that remain after that process.

The I/O on the back of the ROACH board is placed in the ATX I/O space, so a custom I/O plate would be required.

The ROACH board does not fit into a 1U ATX case, due to the IO area. A 1.3U case is recommended.

Cooling air should be supplied. This typically is sucked in from the front and expelled to the back, but there is no fundamental reason not to change this if required.

Most people so far have used the iSTAR D107 case.

Custom Enclosure Development

  • ROACH Motel (Prototype now, Production ready early 2010, Developed by KAT/SKA SA group)
  • ROACH 2 Enclosure (Prototype, June 2012, developed by KAT/SKA group, link coming soon)

iBOB Enclosures

The iBOBs can be mounted in a modified compact-PCI chassis. You will need to strip out the backplane and design a custom power supply solution. Cooling often needs to be beefed-up too.

BEE2 Enclosures

The BEE2 uses a custom chassis. Check the BEE2 wiki.

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